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Biophilic Design

Stacey Lapuk, ASIDs
Stacey Lapuk Interiors
March, 2023

When you close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine your “happy place”, 99% of the time you’re imagining a place outside, right? That’s because our biology tells us that’s where we want to be. We’re genetically predisposed to want to be in nature. Here we feel our most grounded, comfortable and happy. Our subconscious recognizes this need as we’re drawn to the beautiful, to the awe-inspiring that is found in our natural environment. This is the science of neuroaesthetics. Beauty and the brain.

Most people think of interior design as all about furniture, fabrics and color. But it’s not about the chair, or the paint on the walls. It’s about the fact that what you surround yourself with affects how you feel and function. Interior design that amplifies your connection to nature has been measurably proven to increase your happiness and well-being. It’s tapping into your DNA. You feel better in a home that is thoughtfully designed to specifically integrate certain patterns found in the natural environment. These patterns make up the component of neuroaesthetics called “biophilia”, literally “love of nature”.

Thoughtfully integrating artwork is a wonderful opportunity to incorporate biophilic patterns into your home, raising its resonance to provide you with a feeling of uplift and inspiration.

Throughout the world and across all cultures, beauty is experienced through nature. Without beauty, we can’t flourish. Imbuing our interiors with beauty and representations of nature through artwork incorporating these patterns of biophilia, is proven to allow you to thrive, and to flourish.

Does your home look like a catalog page? Or like every other space on Pinterest? Or maybe it’s beautifully designed, but feels sterile, devoid of depth and wonder.

Your aspiration to live in a beautiful home is activated from the first sight of your mother’s face - the eyes and mouth making up the proportions of the golden mean - and by the time you spend in nature. It can be activated by other high-resonance experiences as well, such as feeling the grandeur of a gorgeous cathedral, listening to a spectacular symphony or walking into the lobby of a spectacular resort. Within the patterns of biophilic design is the opportunity to raise this vibration, this resonance, within your own home. This then connects you back to nature, to what makes you feel better, happier, sharper and quicker.

Your interior design addresses comfort and function. Attention to the architecture, layering in texture, color, scale and proportion, light reflectiveness, ease of movement, and particular furnishings, fabrics, wall and window treatments, flooring, accessories, and importantly, art.

But the key component to truly great design, that wraps everything together, are the patterns of biophilic design.

Do you remember in the movie Avatar where the people of Pandora can wrap the fibers of the Tree of Souls with their own hair, thereby connecting with everyone and everything? This is what excellent design, infused with biophilic patterns can do for you. It can help you raise your resonance to match the higher vibration of nature. All to the benefit of your well-being and happiness! Quality, sustainable materials carry a higher vibration. Organic materials, lovingly hand-crafted furnishings, naturally-dyed fabrics, heart-created artwork enhance our lives.

Create something extraordinary. Live in joyful, barefoot luxury. Design happiness.

Stacey Lapuk Interiors